Stories & Essays


“Crafting with Baba Yaga” in smoke & mold (forthcoming)

“Saga of Tom the Gator-Fiend” in The Spectacle (forthcoming)

“A Change in the Weather” in Nat Brut (forthcoming)

The Rustle of Their Bodies” in Always Crashing (2020)

Riddle: Man to Fig Tree” in DIAGRAM (2020)

Ten Million Teeth: an Exhibition” in Passages North (2019)

Last Shop Standing in the City of the Dead” in Shirley Magazine (2019)

Special Delivery” in The Rupture (2019)

The Bone Desert” in Cartridge Lit (2019)

Bubbies vs. Crims: Deathmatch Vol. IV” in Cream City Review (2019)

The Albatrosses” in Fairy Tale Review, The Charcoal Issue. Nominated for Best Small Fictions. (2018)

Prayer to St. Wilgefortis” in Gigantic Sequins 9.1. (2018)

Boy Bodies” in Entropy Magazine (2017)

The Oracle of Exit 24” in Necessary Fiction. Selected as that week’s fiction pick on Longform (2017)



Contact Zone Earth: Power and Consent in Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe and Octavia Butler’s Lilith’s Brood”. Representation in Steven Universe, ed. John Ziegler and Leah Richards. Palgrave Macmillan. (2020) [PDF]

Greenest of the Green” in TriQuarterly 157 (2020)

*B*U*T*T*S*T*U*F*F*” in Redivider 16.2 (2019)

Troubleshooting my Haptic C*ck” in Sundog Lit (2018). Nominated for Best of the Net.

Genrequeer and Genderqueer in Alabama” in the VIDA Review (2017)

Review of “The Lost Daughter Collective” by Lindsey Drager in Black Warrior Review (2017)