Book Projects

I am currently seeking representation for the following book projects:

Embodied—short story collection

—Placed as semifinalist in the YesYes Books Fiction Open, Aug. 2019

—Under finalist consideration at YesYes Books, Nov. 2019

These stories move beyond common tragic narratives—queer death, botched transition—and create space for resilience and fierce joy. I am especially interested in technological hybridity and transmogrification as regards human bodies, gender, and sexuality, which manifests in these stories as DIY transitions and collective caretaking. Several have appeared in print.

The Festival—novel

A group of friends make a sacred pilgrimage to a music festival in the deep woods. Climate change has rendered necrotic the landscape through which they walk. Along the way, they tell each other stories which seek truths at odd angles. One of the main narrators hybridizes Middle English with modern text-speak.

Into the Darkness We Go—novel

In a flooded future where safety from the sun exists only deep at the bottom of the sea, a biohacker named Joules joins forces with a genetically-modified octopus named A-OK. Together, they search for her missing ex-girlfriend alongside a light-worshiping religious cult. Background research focused on communication between humans and invertebrates.