Book Projects

I am currently seeking representation for any of the following book projects:

The Iridescents—short story collection (45,000 words)

—Placed as semifinalist in the YesYes Books Fiction Open, Aug. 2019

Set primarily in a fabulist version of the American South, in this collection queer and trans people create space for resilience and fierce joy. A trans man visits a donut shop in Alabama with his ailing dog to ask a genderqueer saint for relationship advice. Genderbent lovers search the desert for a ballerina prophet. Along a highway in the Gulf, a trans woman searches a console video game for the co-owner of her computer store. Three trans men whose consciousnesses are encased in a monastery sourdough starter cheer each other on over vast expanses of time.

Several have appeared in print.

The Festival—novel (65,000 words)

In the book, six queer friends in their thirties stumble through a climate-changed landscape to a music festival which they hope will help them reclaim their youth and each other. As they walk, they tell each other stories: a collector of feral kittens waxes poetic about his mother; a sapphic hydrologist incants strong women; a Milton fanboy hybridizes Middle English with modern text-speak in tales of rebel angels.

Into the Darkness We Go—novel (52,000 words)

In a flooded future where safety from the sun exists only deep at the bottom of the sea, a biohacker named Joules joins forces with a genetically-modified octopus named A-OK. Together, they search for her missing ex-girlfriend alongside a light-worshiping religious cult. Background research focused on communication between humans and invertebrates.